Taking care of your hair seems like a natural thing for people to do but for men, they don’t typically think about doing the same for their beard. Using the best beard oil and best beard conditioner for your beard has many great benefits for maintaining a great beard. Most people would think that beards don’t really need a proper wash, as most men assume that a nice, clean face wash will do just fine. Wash, rinse and shave or trim until it looks fresh from the outside. However, beards are actually just like your head hair. There are products in the market that are specifically for beards and there’s not much of a difference when it comes to taking care of it.

Not only are there products for it, the products themselves are of top quality made from ingredients that are even used for other types of cosmetics and skin care. It’s a matter of which brand to trust and what products are worth spending hundreds of dollars on. Think about it, if you take care of your head hair just as much as the next person, then of course you should also maintain your beard.

Your Guide To The Best Beard Oil of 2019

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What Is Beard Oil?

If you are surprised about how small the size of the beard oil bottle is, don’t be. That’s just how it’s supposed to be because it tells you that it is not a product that should be used too often. It might damage your beard in the long run if you use it every single day. Furthermore, the small package makes it portable especially if you love to be on the go.

If you choose to buy small amounts, they are relatively cheap. Besides, you have the option to choose how often you use them depending on the amount of hair you have on your face. But if you decide to purchase the bigger bottle, it will be a bit more expensive but would be worth the investment.

Our Top 5 Beard Oil Review

Below you will find our picks for the best beard oil products on the market in 2019. We tested over 50 different products and narrowed those down to come up with our top 5. We do have our #1 pick but any of the products listed in our review are solid products as they are definitely the best of the best in their category.


5. Honest Amish Beard Oil


This product focuses on results which is why they choose a mixture of several oils to give the best outcome. The brand promotes skin health just like any other brand of beard oil. But they are not only focused on that. They also give importance to hair growth, nutrient-richness, and even conditioning of all kinds of beards. This may just be the product that you have been waiting to try.


4. Wild Willie’s Beard Elixir


With the fancy term “elixir” used in the name, surely you will be curious about what this product has to offer. Wild Willie is a company known for their exceptional products because they really use ingredients that will give the best results.

Some of the ingredients that they carefully picked out, tested and used to make this product include castor oil, argan oil, emu oil and a few other oils that are natural. These mixtures of kinds of oils give an overall satisfactory experience to the consumer.


3. Leven Rose Beard Oil


What the brand takes pride on when it comes to this product is their health-conscious results. This product will not only clean your beard properly, it will also help make it healthy as well. Don’t forget to mention that the longer you use this product, at a slow pace, the easier it is to manage your once out of control beard.

As mentioned earlier, this product is focused on health which is why it is made up of one hundred percent organic ingredients. Ingredients such as unrefined gold jojoba oil and Moroccan Argan oil make this product a top seller. Where marketing and supply and demand are concerned, customers are left satisfied with this product because it has given them benefits other than cleanliness.

Some of the reviews have stated that using this product helps relieve disturbed skin. If you do have a beard and you have noticed that when your skin gets dry, it flakes and looks rather unattractive. However, if you use this product, it will help out with that problem, reduce itchiness and maintain a healthy skin even underneath the beard. This makes it one of the best beard oil products in the market.


2. Wisdom Beard Oil


The Wisdom Beard Oil is another great product that you can try out. For 1 fluid ounce, it will cost around twenty dollars per bottle which might be a bit pricey for those who have not used products such as these. But once you become an avid customer of it, you will realize how relatively reasonable the price is.

Just like the previous product, it also has a distinct smell that just has an attracting effect on people. There are no allergens such as nut oils and petroleum products used in the product to ensure the safety and authenticity of the product. Some of the ingredients used to make this product include rice bran oil, vitamin E, and grape seed oil just to name a few. If you plan on getting this product, you will definitely see the results right away. You will see your beard as clean and naturally shiny as it can be.


1. Beardbrand Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil is a well-known brand that puts out products for skin care such as foam cleansers, face wash, and even acne treatment. With that kind of reputation, one would think that they really are a brand that you could trust. For their take on beard care, they have the beardbrand tea tree oil.

Beardbrand describes their tea tree oil product as something that would be refreshing to the touch. It is very light and is easy to lather on the beard. Aside from the texture and the after-effect, the product also has a distinct scent that will leave you wanting more. But of course, you have to take into consideration that it should be used moderately.

Your Guide To The Best Beard Conditioner of 2019

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Our Top 3 Beard Conditioner Products Review

Just like our beard oil portion of our review, we tested well over 50 different brands and narrowed it down to our top choices. Unlike beard oil though, we felt that there were only 3 products that were even worth mentioning that we would use while also using beard oil. Below you will find our top 3 and why we ranked them where we did.


3. Clubman 2-in-1 Conditioner


This is the last product in this review and rests assured that it will not disappoint. Every single product in this list is worth trying. It really just depends on which product will work for your needs. If you want a product that acts as both a conditioner and a moisturizer, then this product should be the first one you should try.

Priced at $8.95, it is quite affordable and will last for a while if you don’t overuse it. This product is not only made from natural ingredients, it is also non-comedogenic. In other words, it is a product that will not block the pores of your skin. Soy protein and panthenol are two of the ingredients that are used to make this product. Because it is a 2-in-1 product, not only will it take care of your beard, but it will also moisturize your skin. Therefore, this lessens skin irritation and dryness as well. It is a product worth investing on.


2. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener


As stated in the name of the product, it aims to soften the beard to make it easier to control. With a price tag of $19.97, it is a necessary investment if you plan on keeping your beard clean and healthy. One distinctive feature of this product is that it is actually unscented. Most of the beard products have their own scents and smells. But this beard conditioner is for those who do not like scented material on their hair or skin.

Furthermore, head hair isn’t the only hair that can have split ends. It can also happen to your beard hair and applying this product will help with that. Aside from the split ends and the flakes, it also takes care of skin irritation. Since it is made up of natural and organic oils, it does not have any allergens that could cause irritation. As a matter of fact, it will relieve the irritation. If you decide to buy this product, it will come with a dropper so it will be easier to use.


1. Honest Amish Leave-In Conditioner


Honest Amish is the only brand that has two products in this beard product review which pretty much implies that it is a brand worth checking out. When it comes to the products that they release, they really do focus on using natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients are virgin pumpkin seed oil, Argan oil, apricot kernel oils, other oils that are essential to improving the health of your beard.

If you really have no clue what product to choose, just look at the labels and descriptions, check reviews, and then carefully decide. You won’t really know what works for your beard unless you try it yourself. These are some of the best beard oils and conditioners in the market after all.


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