As 2019 kicks off, we figured it was time to take a look at all the amazing products that have come out and find out what is the best electric shaver of 2019. We really do see how far we have come when it comes to modern technology. Although there have been a lot of impressive products, ones that many customers wonder about is just what are the best electric shavers. One wouldn’t think electric shavers as something to be amazed by. However, you’d be surprised by how much life would be so difficult without them, especially if you are a man who loves to stay prim and proper.


Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Electric Shaver of 2019

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Why The Right Electric Shaver Matters

Waking up early in the morning and feeling the stubble already growing sometimes makes you a little uncomfortable if you are not used to having a beard at all. You go to the shower first thing and then get rid of all that hair. But you have learned through the years that you shouldn’t pick just any razor. You realized through past cuts and wounds that the right razor for your skin needs to be considered when purchasing. You really have to make an effort in finding out what best suits you, sensitive skin or not.

If you don’t really think much about what razor is best for your skin, then you should start now. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right shaver for your skin. Will it be durable or would it break after a few shaves? Is a rotating feature really necessary or does it just get in the way? Do you prefer having three blades or more? Will it be easy to clean and maintain? Is the price reasonable for the material? Those are just some of the questions one should ask oneself when choosing the right razor.


Our Top 5 Review


5. Braun Series 9-9095cc Shaver


Having been tested on beards that have been grown for three days, this product really shows the potential and high-level performance in shaving. When it comes to electric shavers for men, it does not disappoint when considering its features. Some of its features include Intelligent Synchronic technology that gives it its versatility.

Another impressive feature it has is its OptiFoil that allows closeness of shaving to the utmost comfortability. You won’t have to worry about getting cut or wounded during the process as it is the company’s most advanced structure for foil. If anything happens to the product, the company guarantees a warranty of two years in which you can have it checked so that they will do the best they can to fix the problem.


4. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5


If you want a product that has credibility, then this product will reassure you of it. Not only is it the best electric shaver you can find in the market, experts seem to think so too, as it has been given an award for having an exceptional quality. Its best feature is the thirty-degree blade that will guarantee closeness on another level. Although speed has always been a factor when it comes to deciding the best razors, its speed should always come with great efficiency.

Multi-Flex is a feature that a lot of consumers will be interested in. It allows smooth shaving because of the pivoting head that reaches all the nooks and crannies. It also includes a pop-up trimmer that is for special cases such as the sideburns. Although there are still others, an important feature that you should consider is the charging station. For this product, you only need to touch a button and your shaver will be prepared for the next time you use it.


3. Philips Norelco 9000


Philips has always been a brand you can trust. They put out products like this electric shaver in the market and they never disappoint. A feature that this product has to include the eight-direction contour detect-heads that allow closeness like you have never experienced before. The rest of the features are a digital user interface, three-speed setting adjustability, automatic light, SmartClean PLUS and many more. This surely is of the best shaver quality compared to a lot of the other products that were released this year.

Not only does this product have the best feature, it also has some top quality accessories that you get to take home if you decide to choose this product. When you make the purchase, it will come with a travel case that is convenient when you are on the road a lot. It also has cordless charging that will save if you are running a little late a need a quick shave.


2. Braun CoolTec Shaving System


The Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System really does stand out from the rest because of the cooling feature. The moment your skin makes contact, it will cool the skin to make it ready for a proper shave. Its SensoBlade technology differs from the rest because no matter where the hair grows, how long it is, and which direction it grows, it will still cut it smoothly and efficiently. And last but definitely not the least, just like a lot of the products in this list, this product comes with a two-year warranty that guarantees the best service from one of the best companies for shavers.


1. Remington F5-5800 Shaver


The Remington F5-5800 wraps up this list of best shavers this year. Although it does depend on the person, this may just be the top electric razor for sensitive skin. It has a pivot and flexes feature that will help you reach difficult to reach places such as the curve of the jaw. Another thing that makes this product worth buying is that it is easy to wash. All you have to do is just place the razor under running water and the hair will wash off easily.

Now that you know the best electric shaver out there on the market today, it’s time for you to choose which one best suits you. But don’t worry, there are still a lot more to come. You should also check out our article going over the best beard trimmers if you are looking for something more on that level.


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