As grooming for men reaches new levels, more have been breaking out from the crowd to sport their own personal style. Any guy likely has options for a new look, style or revamp but alas it’s always important for the fashion consciousness guy to know what are the best hairstyles for men. As men experiment with new haircuts, products, and style, it is recommended that they pick at least three favorites and discuss them with a stylist to pick the best. Here is the list of 15 of the best men’s hairstyles and how to get them:


A Rundown of The Best Men’s Hairstyles of 2019

Below you will find our rundown of the best men’s hairstyles out there today as well as some info about how to get these hairstyles for yourself as well.


Asymmetrical and Short Sides

When it comes to popular medium length or long new men’s hairstyles, keeping some length on top gives many options. The asymmetrical and short sides cut is styled forward with much definition and texture. It looks contemporary but not over the top, and it suits triangular face shapes with medium density hair. To style, one just needs to apply a lightweight texture product to dry hair, detail then style using the fingers.


Classic Crew

The classic crew style is among the classic men’s hairstyles cut with short sides and a noticeably longer top that is styled up and slightly to the side sans a defined part. This is one of the best short men’s hairstyles, great for any face shape and hairs which are medium in density and texture. To style, one can blow dry the hair on top upwards with a brush or fingers. After which, a styling product can be applied to the hair to style the top upwards, backward then slightly to the side with fingers. Then style the hair on the sides downward and flat.


Curly Texture Cut

One of the best hairstyles for men is the curly texture cut. A hair that is a bit curly that seems to have its own mind fits this cut. The sides are kept short while the top is a bit longer to enhance the natural curl. Since it adds height, it is among the short as well as the black men’s hairstyles out there. An amazing texture and some highlights could be additional elements for this hot look. This one of the new men’s hairstyles are best for square-faced guys. To style, one can start with a damp hair then apply a light cream that enhances the curl to the top section of the hair.


Frontline Fade

Fades offer various popular men’s hairstyles for long and thin hair and the frontline fade falls between the low and high fade cut. This is one of the long new men’s hairstyles that is simple and gives a low maintenance look.


High and Tight

Among the medium length or long men’s hairstyles is the high and tight cut. This hairstyle is among the best hairstyles for men as it gives a natural look, and works well with both formal and casual attire. It is side parted with volume at the front and a semi-matte finish. To style, one can apply hair cream with the hands while raking through from the front to back. A comb can be used to create a clean side part, then use it to start at the front, lifting back the hair for some height.


Major Short Texture Cut

The major short texture cut is one of the best hairstyles for men with round or oval faces. Guys can opt to add more dimension to their face but those with heads which are pointy on top should avoid this cut as it will emphasize the pointiness more. This cut is one of the best short or black men’s hairstyles as it adds body height and keeps curly hair short. To style, one can blow dry the hair upwards and to the center then apply a styling product to style the hair upwards and to the center using the fingers. To add more texture, one can pinch hair pieces in this cut that is among the new men’s hairstyles out there.


Natural Flow Crew

The natural flow crew is one of the classic men’s hairstyles, which is also for thin hair, and it is not just going away. This is best for those with a slightly receding hairline and good for curly or coarse hair as it keeps the hair short enough to be worried about. Any shape of the face would complement the look. Styling this begins with a damp hair parted to one side, followed by the application of a strong hold pomade or matte finish gel using the hands. A comb should be used to further define the part and help all the hair to be flat.


Shaggy Short

The shaggy short features a fringe covering a part of the forehead and is among the best hairstyles for men with prominent foreheads, as well as those with longer, round or triangular faces. It can also be among men’s hairstyles for thin hair when hair can create a disheveled look. A razor comb is ideal for highlights, lowlights and touch ups to add interest around the framing layers of the face. One just needs to apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair, then air or power dry to achieve this cut that is just among the new men’s hairstyles these days.


Short All Over

With regard to popular and classic men’s hairstyles for either thin or thick hair, the short all over cut is timeless. It has the top gradually getting longer as it goes to the front. The top is styled forward and goes upward as it reaches the front. It is a good mix of typical short hair. This cut can also be one of the black men’s hairstyles since this is best for all hair types and shapes the face and head, except for egg-shaped heads. To achieve this, one can apply a gel pomade to wet hair then blow dry with a comb that lifts the front pieces upward.


Short Sides Textured Top

Another cut in the list of short and black men’s hairstyles is the short sides textured top. This needs a bit of a hair product and a comb. This is great for guys who have a curly hair and want a shortcut with just a little to comb. To style, a cream applied to wet hair to define the curls should work well. The hair should then be air dried and have the curls break up the curls using a hand by scratching the head from the roots. This is when one wants to create a controlled mess.


Simple Short Cut

The simple shortcut is among the popular and best men’s hairstyles for both thin or thick hair, and on almost all men regardless of age, especially those with straight fine hair. This is short on the sides and longer on the top. An oval-shaped face would be complemented by this cut. To style, one should start with a dry hair parted on one side. Application of a gel or a pomade should follow using the hands. After that, using a comb will further smooth the hair in this cut, which is among the classic men’s hairstyles out there.


Slicked Back  

One of the medium length and long men’s hairstyles is the slicked back style. This crisply parted style is a neatly groomed look that combs down slick and seamlessly combines it into the sideburns. This is one of the popular and classic men’s hairstyles good for square shaped faces with medium to thick, straight hair. To style, one needs to apply a light hold gel to strands while wet then comb to create a side part. After which, the guy has to comb the strands back and away from his face.

Thick hairs just need to be dried naturally. For extra volume, the hair can be blown dry back while combing. Then finish off with a bit of pomade on the front and sides. To touch up throughout the day, the man just has to bring a comb.


Swept Up

The swept up style is a good choice for those who want a trendy and stylish cut sans the hard work. This cut is also one of the short men’s hairstyles for thick hair. Those with curly, coarse, frizzy and thick hair can choose this style as well as this is among the black men’s hairstyles. The super short sides and the non-lengthy top hair make it easy to manage. This style fits any face shape.

With a well-done cut, this can be achieved with a comb, dryer and a styling product. One can just apply a stronghold pomade or gel on top and push both sides towards the middle. For a stronger hold, everything can be sprayed with a light hold finishing spray.



Those with thick hair can reduce their volume look with one of the popular men’s hairstyles for thick hair, the undercut. This style can also fall into the list of medium length or long men’s hairstyles as this gives room for variety, and good for all face shapes except the longer ones. Medium to texture coarse or medium to high-density hairs are best for this style. This can be achieved with a round brush used while blow drying side hair sections backward and flat against the head, then evenly distribute a small amount of a hair product. The hair should be brushed backward and a bit to the side, should be detailed and use hairspray to hold it once the desired style and shape is achieved.


Wavy Pomp and Fade

Another cut in the list of medium length or long men’s hairstyles is the wavy pomp and fade. For those with curly or wavy hair, this is a great choice and it goes well with facial hair too. If the barber has to do it, he just has to get it slightly edgy, keep the sides shaved and faded to 4 inches of length on top. A razor cut on top would work well to create a textured and jagged style. To create the style at home, it just should look lived-in and undone, plus lots of volume on top. This can be achieved with a dry shampoo or texturizing spray for the grip or “second-day” look, or use a matte paste to come up with rough ends and texture.

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