Jeans will never go out of style in the fashion industry. If you want to sport something casual and comfortable, you can never go wrong with wearing jeans, especially because they go with just about anything. Finding the best men’s jeans does not matter whether you choose to wear button-ups or a plain t-shirt, jeans are easy to pair with. Whatever the year or trends are, jeans will always make it a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. But what brands of jeans are worth buying? Well, we wish to answer the question once and for all to determine what are the best men’s jeans of 2019. Below are brands that provide some of the best jeans for men.


Slim Fit Jeans

What’s great about slim-fit jeans is that it’s not too tight or loose. It’s a modern take on classic jeans but tailored to be just a tad bit skinny. However, it is not as skinny as one might think it is. It is snug and form-adaptable, making you as comfortable as you possible. The following are some of the best men’s jeans in the slim fit category.


Levi’s Men 511 Slim-Fit Jean

If you want something within budget, then this product would be a suitable option. Levi’s has been on the market for as long as jeans were around so it makes sense that their products are always top quality. Levi’s is a brand that is known for their high retail products. However, they still put out affordable products so that they can be enjoyed by the public. It costs just around fifty bucks and you can find them in online shops or from branches all over the country.


$$$: A.P.C. Petit New Standard Jean

For the more expensive option, the A.P.C. Petit New Standard Jean will make you feel like you come from the world of high fashion. A.P.C is a brand from Paris, the fashion capital itself, and there is no doubt that the quality is just as luxurious. It is made up of washed indigo denim differentiates it from the previous model Although, at $210 it may be unabashedly pricey. It is still considered slim-fit despite the description of it being only slightly-slim.


Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are just another fashion term for ripped jeans. It is also sometimes called destroyed jeans but it is more commonly known as ripped jeans. Despite the stereotype that women are the ones who wear them more, men also choose this type of jeans. Whatever the gender may be, distressed jeans will always be undoubtedly fashionable.


$: ALLSAINTS Men’s Lias Cigarette Jeans

ALLSAINTS UK is a brand in London that manufactures distressed jeans. This particular product is simple and comfortable to wear. The tear is not too wide and it’s not too tight on the thighs as well. It’s the perfect pants to wear when going out to the park or the mall.


$$$: EN NOIR Bleach Washed Distressed Japanese Denim

EN NOIR is a brand that is much like any other jeans manufacturer. But what makes them different is that their material is Japanese denim, a material that has a reputation for being the best because of its selvage cloth and its natural dye. It costs around $550 a pair but it is of the highest quality. Compared to the product above, this item has a wider rip on the knee section. It is also much skinnier than the previous item.  


Tapered Jeans

If you prefer comfortability over fashion, then tapered jeans would be the best type of jeans for you. Unlike skinny jeans where they are taut from the waist to the ankles, tapered jeans are loose from the waist but become tighter around the ankles.


$: Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny-Fit Jeans

Tight-fitting clothes used to be looked down upon in men’s fashion. However, in today’s fashion, fitting clothes are preferred over baggy pants. Although Levi has been around since the very beginning, it keeps up with the times and adjusts to the consumers’ preferences. Priced at $47, the 510 skinny-fit jeans are affordable and easy to wear. A popular feature of this product is that has all-around flexibility.


$$$: Nudie Skinny Lin Jean

Nudie Skinny Lin Jeans are the luxury item that is worth the big price tag. Although the $600 price tag might be intimidating, the quality of the product makes up for it. It comes in several shades with varying prices. These tight-fit jeans hugs from the waist down to the ankles, giving it the true skinny jeans look.


Raw Denim Jeans

If you like to go classic, raw denim jeans are the pair that you want to buy. It was the plain denim jeans that started it all. If you are wondering why it is called “raw”, it just means that it has not been pre-washed and is still a bit stiff when it comes to the material.


$: The Unbranded Brand Men’s Tight Indigo Selvedge

Although this product is pricey compared to the previous jeans, it is still affordable considering the material used for the product. It is intricately woven using indigo selvedge raw denim, a unique composition that sets it apart from the typical jeans. It’s price starts at $82 and comes in a navy blue color. It has the typical five pockets and is 100% cotton.


$$$: A.P.C. Petit Standard Unwashed Selvedge Jean

The second product from the Parisian brands A.P.C., these unwashed selvedge jeans are made from top quality material. It can only be woven at a certain width, making it much more expensive than other materials. Known for their classic approach, A.P.C mixes modern with a classic with this product that costs around a hundred and ninety-five dollars. Some of the features include the typical five pockets, belt loops, and button fastenings. It is also machine washable and is also made from 100% cotton fabric.

These are just some of the best jeans that were released this year and are still at the height of fashion. Whether you choose the affordable ones or the ones that are quite expensive but are made with quality material, these jeans are worth every penny.

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