If you’re here then you’re probably looking for the best men’s watches of 2019… well you have come to the right place. In fact, did you know the first timepieces to be worn during the 16th century were fastened to clothing or worn in a chain around the neck. Evolution has seen these timepieces rise in style, aesthetics and chronological mechanisms. Trends in fashion have learned to adapt these sophisticated contraptions through time and are seen as standards that pique masculinity. Evolution has taken another great leap to defining the alpha male of the 21st century.


Your Guide To The Best Watches For Men In 2019

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As we wrap up the year 2016, we take a step towards the watch industry and its innovative designs for the upcoming year. Who’s not to say we don’t want the greatest timepieces at our side with the dawn of a new year? Glimpses of the future have never been more pleasant knowing the best ‘ticks’ for 2019. So, let’s take a look at the top choices and bring you what clocks towards the new year:

Our Top 5 Review of The Best Watches in 2019

Best Men’s Watch Under $500

5) Apple Watch Series 2

The 2nd version of the Apple Watch series offers improvements from the original Apple Watch Series and a slight increase in size at 42mm and the original at 38mm. An upgrade in the internal processing is one of the major improvements to the watch to reduce the glitches that many complained about in the first model. New features have also been added to this version of the Apple Series such as the waterproof resistance, fitness apps for running and swimming, and heart rate including a new Scribble feature that give you even more apps to choose from and use compared to the original model including an all-new GPS feature and improved battery life sustenance up to two days. A sleep tracker paired with fitness apps & heart rate performance would have been a good installment too but setting aside design ratings, the Apple Watch Series 2 is a great watch.

It is considered even one of the top men’s watches under $1000, but if you’re venturing into new sights or just looking to decide between two or three options, there are a few alternatives that categorize this section. The Huawei watch doesn’t have as many features as the Apple Watch but it certainly gives a contrast that that will capture your attention for sure. Garmin Vivoactive HR sets a strong competition to the Apple Watch because it focuses mostly on individuals that dabble in a lot of sports. What’s more about the Garmin is its solid battery life. Both the Garmin and Huawei watch are two watches that are considered one of the best men’s watches under $500. Apple has shown its brand resiliency over the years and proven to manufacture great products. The features of each watch are simply accustomed to your own liking and choice.


Best Men’s Watch Under $2,000

4) Oris Divers Sixty-Five

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five timepiece gives an impressive feat of sleek design with only 12.5 mm thick for a case structure. Naturally, divers watches are characterized to be thick and chunky although the Divers Sixty-Five evolves past this notion. The Divers Sixty-Five offers an attractive luminous feature that glows well even up to a certain depth. What’s unique about the Divers Sixty-Five is that it offers a wide array of dial colors and straps to choose from giving divers a wider range of choices to choose from for this particular model. It also offers the choice of two straps either a nylon mil-strap or a high-quality rubber tropic strap. Although the Divers Sixty-Five showcases a great strand of features and benefits compared to its previous models, it reveals only a maximum water resistance of 100m, which hardly reaches the quality of diver designs that start at 200m and above. The Drivers-Sixty Five definitely falls in the category of best men’s watches under $2,000 and is a reasonable price to charm up your value for the Divers Sixty-Five.


3) Cartier Drive de Cartier

The Cartier Drive de Cartier offers elegance like you could never imagine. The Drive de Cartier features a cushion shaped case that proportionally fits comfortably on the wrist giving the Drive de Cartier a curvature profile that will strike you in awe. The dials offer the classic Cartier Roman numeral dial and a 1904-PS MC movement with a power reserve at 48 hours. The strap is a padded brown color and although is not as formal as black, it’s a good match with the gold case and resembles the classic Cartier so fondly sought after. Cartier plans to release a steel version of the Drive de Cartier in 2019 but the current version of the Drive de Cartier is already enticing and visually inspiring for a sold deal. With elegance, design, and comfort in this timepiece, it’s been reviewed among many to be one of the top-rated watches for men on the market today. The Drive de Cartier is no doubt one of the best men’s watches on the market today with its elegant design that won’t fall short on your definition of a top men’s watches.


2) Piaget Polo S

The Piaget Polo S gives a ring for the single letter positioned at the end. The S stands for steel and corresponds to the style of the watch for the Piaget collection. The Swiss company marks steel as one of their signatures for the brand and offers the Piaget Polo S as a luxury sports watch. The Piaget Polo S offers the three-hand version and the chronograph version that have differences in the automatic caliber. The three-hand version has the 1110P movement while the chronograph version has 1160P movement. Piaget has been known for its own manufacture of their calibers, which also sets a tone for the brand. However, the Polo S doesn’t aspire to be one of the most aesthetically designed watches for this collection. In terms of design, the Piaget Polo S sets up a different score for this one but perhaps that is also a matter of preference to anyone’s regard. Considerably, brand development mechanically for the Piaget has always been steps ahead with their latest ultra-thin movement introduction in the market. This timepiece is an elegant addition to any man’s attire and one thing we think is if you’re interested in a more sophisticated mechanism, then the chronograph version would be a good choice for you.


1) Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

The top watches for men can be paired with one of the best brands to serve in both class and style for a perfect combo. The monobloc middle case of the Rolex Oyster architecture gives you the self-winding movement and the feel of a master chronograph all in your wrist. Its bezel with engraved tachymetric scale salutes aesthetics to give you the look you have been searching for together with its chronographic functions which give an accurate 1/8 of a second just as much as nearly perfect accuracy at 1/9 of a second and a power reserve at 72 hours. It’s a timepiece that gives you the design, precision, and brilliant technology all in one package. The design truly makes it a remarkable piece of artwork; however, is a classic lifelong timepiece that is quite rare. It won’t be easy to find a watch like this, but it’s a great investment at that and considered to be one of the best watches.

Deciding what the best watches for 2019 would be is a hard pick. Half of the timepieces listed are considerably some of the top men’s watches under $2,000 and $1,000. Apart from that, each gives a unique feature and tone to their designs making each timepiece one of the most promising collections for the best watches for men. Not only that but a variety of timepieces considered to be the best men’s watches under $500 and even the best watches under $200 make it even a tougher choice for those who are price-sensitive. Personally, I’d be more inclined to choose a watch that ranks in the top men’s watches under $1000 so naturally, it would have been the Farer. But I have to say hands down, that the Cartier Drive de Cartier looks magnificent and stunning in design and class. I would consider it to be in the top list of best watches for men and even one of the top men’s watches under $2,000. Be that as it may, the Cartier Drive de Cartier is my personal preference and it may not be yours. Depending on what aspect of a watch you focus on, the 6 timepieces listed above are appraised to be the best when it comes to watches for men. Price, design, mechanics, and versatility are choices up to you to make in deciding the watch best suited for you.

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