Looking for the best safety razor to trim down your beard or mustache efficiently and neatly? The year-end brings you a variety of razors to choose from all with its unique set of design and features for a great look. Figuring the best razor for you in terms of grip, comfort, and sharpness can be a confusing pick with so many great options available.

For the coming year, we’re giving you the top choices of safety razors for an easier decision to match your preferences. Whether its grip or accurate trimming you desire, these razors will give you your top pick and possible alternatives coded to every aspect of a safety razor. Here are the top-rated safety razors for the coming year, 2019:


Your Safety Razor Review For 2019

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AS-D2 Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor


Starting off our safety razor review is the AS-D2 stainless steel razor, which is classified as a lightweight razor with an approximate weight of 3.25oz. The weight is an ideal balance for the entire body constituting the razor and offers a great grip thanks to its mini cross-sectional grooves. For those with relatively larger hands, the AS-D2 razor with a length of 3.75 in. will be a great handle for you. The headpiece of the AS-D2 almost looks futuristic and offers a highly sophisticated design, which by all means looks even better as you’re shaving facing the mirror. In terms of aggressiveness, the AS-D2 doesn’t score too high on this one. This is because of a small gap between the razors in the safety bar, which sacrifices aggressiveness for your comfort instead. Nonetheless, it’s one of the top safety razors for beginners offering you a low risk of cutting yourself the first time you stick a razor in your beard. Preferably those with thicker beards & mustaches don’t go hand-in-hand with this razor. With a low rating in its aggressive scale, it might be difficult for this razor to neatly cut through the thickness. Although, the AS-D2 still hits the category of being one of the top-rated safety razors you can choose to buy this beauty with a price of $220.


Merkur-Razor Progress Adjustable Safety Razor


The Progress model of the Murker razor family belongs to the prime section of the safety razor domain. The 510 Murker Progress offers a unique feature, which I’m sure most would be delighted to use. At the bottom of the shave is an adjustable knob with ranges from 1-5 for you to adjust the blade gap & angle for an aggressive scale to your preference making the Progress 510 in having one of the top safety razor blades. The Murker Progress also has a handle length of 3.75 in similar to the AS-D2 razor making the Murker an ideal choice for large hands as well including a weight of only 3 oz; a much lighter razor than the AS-D2. The design of the Murker Progress 510 scores an average rating but prices at a rate of $66. The price difference between the Murker and the AS-D2 is substantial but both offer great deals to beard/mustache trimming.

MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Razor


The Muhle R41’s design is a small head with open comb face hence the name “Open Comb.” The entire razor is chrome plated and offers a great grip due to the numerous knurling that spirals around the razor handle. What makes the Muhle 41 a “stand out” from the other razors is primarily the comb and head of this razor, which was designed to give an aggressive shaving experience. This is considered to be the best safety razor for aggressive shaving because of a lot of users who have previously used the Muhle 41 comment on the aggressiveness rating it provides. For inexperienced shavers and users who have thin strands to shave, the Muhle 41 might make you a little uncomfortable because you would actually only need to dab this razor slightly on your beard & moustache to trim the hair down efficiently and neatly. It doesn’t score too high on the user-friendly rating but it gives great quality, grip, and aggressiveness. Did I also mention that the Muhle 41 sells at $57.70? It’s a relatively great price for a high-quality razor and a standout in any legit safety razor review. However, even if this may seem too aggressive for you at the start, it’s all a matter of getting used to the strokes and pressure you put with this razor to give you that neat and tidy trim along your face.


Merkur Model 38 HD Safety Razor

The Merkur model gets its “Barber Pole” name from its classic handle design that is similar to that of a barber pole offering its users a distinct image of the razor. The Merkur 38C model offers a frame made up of solid brass, which actually makes this razor the heaviest safety razor compared to most razors. The brass frame of the Merkur weighing 4 oz. actually contributes to an outstanding balance that users will definitely love it. It has a long handle as well making it ideal for users with large hands. The great feature of the Merkur is the bottom of the Merkur 38C model, which is a bar that is similar to the bottom of a barber pole. This bar is what provides a good weight at the bottom to prevent slipping when shaving and cause cuts or wounds. The Merkur also has a good aggressiveness rating which makes it one of the top-rated safety razors for beginners. However, if you’re not too careful, the weight of this razor may turn out to be more aggressive than usual. The Merkur 38C model is definitely one of the top safety razors.

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Double Edge Safety Razor


Being our top choice in our safety razor review is the Edwin Jagger. It offers a brass frame & chrome finish to give its users classic razor’s look. This razor weighs at 2.1 oz. making it a lightweight razor and good for balance when shaving, but the handle of this razor does not have any continuous knurling or texture. Instead, the handle of the Edwin Jagger DE89 is smooth, which can be problematic considering this razor is a double edge and is ideal mostly for wet shaving. For those that use oil when shaving and use this razor, it’s best to be cautious in the grip. What’s more is that the Edwin Jagger DE89 offers a high similarity to that of a straight razor. Straight razors are the most difficult to use but give the cleanest & groomed results. The Edwin Jagger is not one of the top safety razors for beginners to use but once you get the hang of the Edwin Jagger and adapt to its weight and applied the pressure needed, it offers one of the top safety razor blades.

Deciding the top safety razor comes down to quality, grip, and aggressive ratings. More importantly, in my preference, the grip of any razor is the top aspect I look for in my shave because it’s important to get the proper trim with a minimal risk of cutting myself. Each razor offers a great share of its unique characteristics and aspects to give an overall shaving experience. Out of all the best safety razors, the Merkur Progress 510 gets all the aspects of the top safety razor in my preference. It’s a lightweight razor that offers a great grip and an adjustable feature to give a choice of aggressiveness on trimming. Even for new users, I’d consider the Merkur Progress 510 to be the top safety razor for beginners. For other users, it may be different. Aggressiveness may be a more important reason for others and maybe even a smooth grip is a stronger preference for others. Nonetheless, these razors offer the top safety razor blades and are all top choices in their own category.


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