Wearing a scent that’s distinctly yours is akin to being known for something you’re great at. Every man has to carefully select it, so it fits his image, the vibe he wants to give off and the mood of the event that he’ll be going to. Choosing the best smelling men’s cologne helps men create a strong and powerful presence, and can even make a great impression on them before you even get the chance to talk to you. Wear something that’s too subtle, and you run the danger of not being memorable. However, when you find that perfect cologne that’s just right – fitting for the occasion and your personality, you will attract the right kind of attention. What does man not want that?

As much as it’s true that the best scents endure the test of time, it’s good to peruse the latest trends and check if it’s the right time to update your cologne of choice. Since the best cologne for men are judged by varying standards, such as appeal, staying power, branding and cost, this article gathers the best brands which are leaders in most men’s criteria. To make cologne shopping easier, here are 5 of the top smelling men’s colognes this 2019.


Tom Ford ‘Tobacco Vanille’ for Men


Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is most known for its unique masculine and earthy scent. It’s dubbed the best cologne for men because of the hint of tobacco, ginger, and anise with each whiff. Albeit there were some reviews that questioned its tendency to come off too strong at first, most men who bought this scent and tested it out with their own skin and body chemistry, praise its manly appeal and ability to stay even hours after it was sprayed on.

This product is not for the faint of heart because the smell can be overpowering, but it develops best while in use. It’s probably one of the best ways to test a cologne anyway. Spray a bit, then go about your day – exercise, work and enjoy happy hour. Check a few hours later if the scent is still pleasant. If it’s not, chances are it’s not the best match for your body chemistry or the cologne just does not develop well.  Tobacco Vanille is the best cologne when it comes to this aspect because it endures and smells better over the time you’re wearing it. If you’re looking for a manly and matured scent that develops on the skin, then Tobacco Vanille is the best cologne for you.


Creed ‘Aventus’ Fragrance


Developed by a father and son tandem, Erwin and Olivier Creed, Aventus fragrance celebrates the rich masculinity inspired by war and the tender scent of romance. It comes with a with an emblazoned bottle, carrying the emblem of a horse and a rider, that further highlights Napoleon as its main inspiration. The scent carries a mix of juicy (from the pineapple, black currant, and apple), spicy, musky and smoky. It’s the best men cologne for summer nights or spring holidays because it transports you to that Mediterranean vibe.

Unlike its predecessors from the same brand, Aventus is longer lasting that everything else in their range. Some reviewers even go so far as saying that it’s one of the longest lasting fragrances they own, which is the best cologne if you sweat a lot or have long days, rendering you unable to spray yourself again. Aventus has the ability to cling to your clothes, some even lasting for days. It’s a slightly more expensive cologne, but for its longevity and scent profile, Aventus is definitely worth the price.


Hermès Terre d’Hermés Cologne


If you’re on the hunt for an elegant scent, then you’ve found your match. Hermès Terre d’Hermés Cologne is a classy as its name, boasting ascent profile of fresh and zesty orange contrasted with the earthy and spicy pepper. It’s best worn to from late spring and all through winter because it can be a bit heavy for the summer heat. The best smelling cologne for men is often judged by its initial appeal and how it stands out in a sea of other scents. Hermès Terre d’Hermés Cologne one of those scents that are so distinct and memorable in its simplicity. It’s not overbearing or screams “smell me” when you put it on, but it certainly does not fade in the background like most other colognes available in the market.


Acqua di Gio


If the measure for being the best cologne for men is sales, then Acqua di Gio has won it hands down. It is one of the most celebrated scents to hit the stores. The concept is simple, honest and relatable, much like the scent it gives off. Armani came up with this fragrance after his holiday by the beach. He wanted a cologne that reminded the wearer freedom that’s most felt by the water and with the feel of the wind. When sprayed, its smell is a combination of salty seawater and the citric and musky fragrance of one’s skin.

This is probably the best cologne for gifting because almost everyone loves the scent, and its longevity is also trusted. You can also expect that each batch is of great quality, considering the brand has already perfected making it. It also comes in a simple, crisp packaging that most men have loved and will continue to love.


Clive Christian ‘No 1’


Clive Christian’s claim of being the best cologne for men is based on their use of the rarest ingredients to ever be put in a fragrance like paprika and ylang-ylang. It spared no expense, which is clearly mirrored by the diamond-decorated bottle. ‘No 1’ is labeled by many as the luxury perfume of this generation.

This scent was made for men who enjoy the contrast of masculine and feminine notes on their cologne. ‘No 1’ is described as subtle and tender, a fragrance that might be reminiscent of a gentleman from an older era, but the hint of zest makes it a bit more modern. If you enjoyed this article then we recommend checking out our review of the top electric shavers on the market today. 

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