Those wishing to buy Skagen watches may find our Skagen watches review very helpful and can help you understand why Skagen has managed to establish a unique and popular brand for timepieces in just a short time. In 1992, Skagen debuted their first watch and the brand’s popularity has been rising as its products are now known and sold all over the world.


The Best Skagen Watches Review of 2019

Product LooksQualityOverall 
1. Skagen SKW6053 “Ancher”5/55/55/5
2. Skagen 233XLTTN “Grenen”5/55/55/5
3. Skagen SKW6007 “Melbye”5/54.7/54.8/5
4. Skagen SKW6077 “Balder”4.5/54.7/54.7/5
5. Skagen Holst4/54.5/54.6/5



About Skagen Watches

The word Skagen comes from the Danish peninsula –in a northern village in Denmark. It depicts the meeting between two bodies of water at Jutland peninsula and Skagen village. Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, a Danish couple, are the founders of Skagen watches. They moved from Denmark to New York in 1989 and wanted to prove that stylish and elegant watches need not be expensive. Skagen is now a subsidiary of Fossil watches, one of the world’s biggest watchmakers who believes in technical perfection, skillful craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence.

Many reviews of Skagen watches would elaborate on how the brand is nature-inspired in terms of its designs. It borrows from the sun’s first light, dusk’s first hint, coupled with seasonal colors like chambray or faded red in their collection. Watch dials are informed by the light of the sun and in some cases, reflect and are charged by it. Inspired by timelessness, Skagen believes innovation must be incessant. Their design team keep products in style by staying up to date with the watch industry and visit the world’s top design centers in Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Italy.


Our Review of The Best Skagen Watches of 2019


The following reviews on Skagen watches can serve as a guideline to identify the features, materials and design of the brand’s most popular models and what makes them unique from the others:


5. Skagen Holst



A chic, classy watch of Skagen’s stainless steel collection is the Skagen Holst. Combining a simple design with a strong lifestyle and fashion statement, the date section is positioned underneath the 12 o’clock position. This middle sized watch comes nicely with a classic brown leather strap of durable and comfortable quality. Though it is water resistant up to only 99 feet according to Skagen watch reviews, it is recommended that this watch will not be exposed to water as it may damage the leather strap.


4. Skagen SKW6077 “Balder”



Skagen watch reviews speak about Skagen SKW6077 “Balder” with much praise. Balder comes with a chronograph feature with three sub-dials sporting 0 seconds, 30 minutes, and 24 hours. The gray face has white hour markings while the minute rack is printed on its rim. The blue-colored second’s hand and the 24-hour sub-dial serve as additional advantages for the watch. Reading the time on this watch is made simple with contrasting colors of the hands against a grey background, along with the luminous painted hands that make it readable even in low light. Skagen Balder weighs only 3.4 ounces and its 43-mm diameter suits middle sized wrists. It is also water resistant up to 100 feet.


3. Skagen SKW6007 “Melbye”



In reading Skagen SKW6007 Melbye watch reviews, the orange inner circle that tracks seconds over a gray background proves to be difficult to overlook. The functional date is in the 3 o’clock position while the face sports Arabic numerals like 6 and 12 o’clock marks. A hardened mineral lass protects its dial from scratch and impact. This classy, stylish and well-built watch has satisfied a lot of customers with its durability.


2. Skagen 233XLTTN “Grenen”



The Skagen 233XLTTN “Grenen” is one of the most popular Skagen watches for a good reason. Even Skagen watch reviews would mention its great design, making it easily singled out. Its most noticeable feature is its great color combination, stainless steel case, and Danish design. It is a middle-sized timepiece of 37 mm titanium case credited for its lightweight. Adding to its elegance are the Mashed and Milanese bracelet choices.

Grenen sports a strap originally crafted in Milano, Italy. Aside from being so light that the wearer can hardly feel it on the wrist, the watch is thin and extremely comfortable. This water-resistant timepiece of up to 30 meters displays in its face Arabic numeral hour markings while the minute and seconds markers are within the inner circle. Most Skagen 233XLTTN “Grenen” watch reviews are positive. Its Japanese quartz movement power is reliable and a standard for watches.


1. Skagen SKW6053 “Ancher”


The Skagen SKW6063 “Ancher” sports an elegant and clear-cut design coupled with reliability and reasonable price. Its Danish minimalistic movement makes it time classic, trendy and unique. Skagen designers have meticulously overseen this design to the smallest detail and have come up with this timeless product.

Ancher’s white hour markings come on a black background that makes it easier to read, and so are its second’s hand. The date window is at 6 o’clock and is easily noticeable with its white date numeral on a dark background. This stainless steel Mashed bracelet is flattered with a 7.9 mm thick and 45.3 mm diameter with lugs, mineral glass-protected dial for scratch resistance, water resistance of up to 100 meters, making it more stylish and elegant.

The Ancher Men’s collection depicts a minimalist design and functionality. It is described in many Skagen watch reviews as clean, simple, and aesthetically versatile. Ancher comes in different sizes, finish, movement options, and materials. Trend designs include stainless steel, rose gold, chronograph and dual-time felt bands and leather.

Reading Skagen watches reviews would tell that Skagen Holst seems to make a statement that watches need not be rugged, pricey, and feature-filled. The great choices are those which are reliable, noticeable, and come in simple designs.



Skagen watches reviews are usually positive from its users with almost no complaints. Though simple in design, the watches are stylish, the timepieces are trendy, sleek, and professional. They suit most ensembles, occasions, events and others, courtesy of its versatility.

Although some users in the Skagen watches reviews found the chronograph unattractive since it only functions in three sub-dials, its basic functionality, and classic design keep in style and demand. The watch does not simply tell time but comes with a built-in date window and chronograph.

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