Known in the industry as one of the oldest and most prominent clocks and watch brands, Bulova was founded 1911 in New York, where it crafted its own products from start to finish. Given their stellar name we decided to write this article on the best Bulova watches review of 2019. One reason we wrote this article and why Bulova is so popular is because they were one of the first companies to introduce the use of an assembly line to standardize their production. Their innovation, from being the first company to introduce wristwatches to the mainstream market to the invention of chronograph that can tell the time in the most precise manner possible, is a trademark the company is continuously known for.


Ultimate Guide To The Best Bulova Watches Review of 2019

Product Band TypeQualityOverall 
Bulova Men's 96B175 "Precisionist"Metal5/55/5
Bulova Men's 98B172 PrecisionistLeather5/55/5
Bulova Men's 96B158 PrecisionistLeather4.7/54.8/5
Bulova Men's 96C105 Black DialMetal4.7/54.7/5
Bulova Men's 98B180Metal4.5/54.6/5

Any review of Bulova watches will tell you that their products, in general, signify value for money it is a hallmark of affordability and craftsmanship. Like its role in World War II or the soldiers, it has been and still is the watch for the “every American”. To this day, Bulova watches mean elegant design that could rival other famous designers for a fraction of the cost. Designs range from the basic, which most working guys sport, to the ornate. Some are even diving standard and swim proof. Whatever your taste and budget, there is a Bulova watch for you. To help you decide which one suit you and your lifestyle best, here’s a list of the best Bulova watches to see which watches are a good fit for you.


Review of The Best Bulova Watches of 2019

Below you will find our review of the top Bulova watches and why we ranked them where we did. So without further ado, you can check out the review below.


5. Bulova Men’s 98B180 Precisionist Watch



98B180 Precisionist Watch’s look is distinct because both its face and band are a combination of black and silver. The band is an interlace of both colors, and is thick and bulky, making it appear more masculine. This attests to how sturdy the watch is, especially because it’s made of stainless steel. It comes with a minute and 24-hour markers and a date display beside the 3 o’clock position. With the materials used, it can handle being submerged up to 300 meters of water and is scratch resistant.

Like other Precisionist watches, it offers 3 times more accuracy than any other quartz crystal watch. This watch’s 3-prong quartz crystal also combats resistance to gravitational error, allowing 10-second accuracy per year.


4. Bulova Men’s 96C105 Black Dial Bracelet Watch



Most memorable for its pitch black dial, Bulova Men’s 96C105 combines sleek design with function. On utility, this watch is made to be accurate because of its Japanese quartz movement. It also comes with a push-pull crown that helps you adjust the hands of the watch easily. Unfortunately, this style is not as water resistant as the others mentioned before. It can handle up to 30 meters of water, instead of 300. This particular watch comes with a date, day and 24-hour dials, perfect for someone on the go.

Aesthetically, Bulova watch reviews credit its contrasting black dial and silver stainless steel band for its modern and elegant appeal. The band itself curve smoothly around the wrist and can be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes. It’s also important to note that the materials used in this watch are hypoallergenic.


3. Bulova Men’s 96B158 Precisionist



With a stainless steel case and a leather strap, this style appeals to most men who prefer a simple design on the watches they wear. Instead of buttons, it comes with a screw down crown that makes adjusting it easier and more straightforward, especially for those who are used to wearing older styles of watches. The precision of the mechanism is still on point, though, using a Japanese quartz movement. It’s also made to withstand being submerged in water for up to 300 meters.

With the amount of utility and precision it offers, it’s, by far, one of Bulova’s dressiest watch designs. Bulova watch reviews say that the most interesting and praised part of its aesthetic is its understated leather strap. It adds an element of class, without being too flashy. This simple but classy look is also reflected on the face of the watch, with its rhodium-indexes.


2. Bulova Men’s 98B172 Precisionist Chronograph Watch



Like the previous watch, 98B172 Precisionist Chronograph Watch is also built for accuracy. It’s precise up to within 10 seconds a year, meaning you only have to adjust it by a minute every 6 years. The watch is also fitted with the same stopwatch as its other Precisionist predecessors. What differentiates it from them though is its silicone band, making it less bulky. Some Bulova reviews suggest that this style is far more comfortable to wear and is a lot more dressed down, perfect for a casual day. Bulova Men’s 98B104 Marine Star Calendar Dress Watch

Part of Bulova’s Marine Star Collection, 98B104 aesthetic rivals the best from more expensive brands. It comes with a variety of band designs and steel plating, from rose gold with a black rubber band to a silver plated one. It’s wide face and casual band options are best for non-sporty, laid-back affairs and are often worn by a guy who opts for an understated appeal couple with utility. This watch also marks the unique Roman numbers decorating the face of the watch as its selling points. It’s a quirky but classic addition to this already distinct piece. This watch operates on a Japanese quartz movement and comes with an analog display.


1. Bulova Men’s 96B175 “Precisionist” Stainless Steel Watch



It’s widely popular for ensuring accuracy through its sweeping second hand. Unlike other elegant brands, this watch is not only presentable-looking it’s also precise to one-thousandth of a second, and is accurate to within 10 seconds a year. What it’s most known for though is its unique stopwatch. By pressing the bottom left button on the side of the watch, you will enter a chronograph mode. The stopwatch can measure up to a thousandth of a second, along with a hundredth and tenth of a second.

Any review of Bulova watches worth its salt would suggest that this model, the first released, with a stainless steel bracelet is thick and enduring, perfect for daily wear. Its look is very sporty, a perfect alternative for digital watches, especially if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more matured and work wear-appropriate.

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