Looking for a dive watch and wondering what are the best dive watches of 2019? Well, we have done a lot of research and come up with an in-depth guide on just that.  Dive watches are important because if one is to dive into depths measuring hundreds and possibly even thousands of feet down, apparatuses and gadgets are needed so one can be as safe as possible. Without these gadgets, the diving experience could even be the last, which is why a great dive watch can make your diving experience much more enjoyable and safer.

What is a Dive Watch?

A diving watch is the quintessential gadget for anyone who loves to dive. Without it, it may even be the decision-maker between life or death. It is one of the most important gears that you need when you are going diving. According to ISO, a dive watch needs to have a water resistance of more than 1.0 MPa. That fancy term and intimidating number is just a technical term for saying 100 meters or approximately three-hundred and thirty feet.


Why Buy a Dive Watch?

As mentioned above, having a dive watch could be a matter of whether you get to live to see another day. Dive watches are necessary so that any person diving in deep depths will know how to dive in and dive out successfully. Some dive watches even have special features such as a GSAR or a government search and rescue function that are actually used by the military. So before you make an assumption of how useless this product is, check it out first. Diving is an extreme sport that people should definitely try and be having the best dive watch to accompany you during your trip will make the experience even more exciting and eye-opening.


What Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dive Watch?

When considering which dive watch to purchase, you should be mindful of the factors that make a dive watch worth buying. Factors such as having, of course, the standard MPa of 1.0 and the magnetic, shock and chemical resistance. These are just a few things to think over before deciding which one to buy. It’s not only about looking good with it, it’s also about which ones have the best quality. If the quality does not compensate for the high price, then you will see how essential it is to check every single feature before buying them on the spot.

Some of the features that a dive watch is as follows: case, dial, bezel, band, movement and water resistance. When it comes to the case, it includes case size, thickness, material, shape, and back. For the dial, it has the dial type, color, crystal, hands, second markers, subdials, luminescence, and bezel. For the band, it has the band type, band material, and clasp. Features include water resistance, calendar, functions, and special features. With those in mind, you will be able to tell which products have the best quality for a reasonable price.

If you are still having a difficult time choosing, then maybe this could help. Here are some of the top dive watches that any diver should invest on.


Review of The Top Dive Watches Under $500

Dive watches do not come cheap because it has a lot of components to these gadgets that it needs proper maintenance. However, if you still want to “save” money, then you can just drop by the nearest place where they sell dive watches. Although some of the products in this category have an original price of over five-hundred dollars, they are included because it is still the holidays with all the sales still ongoing. Here are the top dive watches under $500.


3. Citizen Promaster BJ2115-07E Dive Watch



The holidays is the best time to buy gadgets like this because they go on such a big sale. This product starts at $335 which is a big drop from the original price. The strap band of this watch is made up of black rubber with a tang for a clasp making it comfortable to wear. But what makes this worth buying is the five-year warranty in case it malfunctions.


2. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241426 Dive Master 500



If you are not familiar with the brand, all you have to know is Swiss Army and you already know that it is a product of top quality. The end of the year sale cut the price tag to $419, making it into this list of the top dive watches under 500. Its case include a screw down crown, a round case shape, and a gunmetal PVD stainless steel case material. This product comes in GMT, rubber, and stainless steel material.


1. Luminox Dive Chronograph 8362RP



Dive watches do not come cheap, so this product should not be taken for granted. Although some sites still have the original price tag for this black beauty, if you take the time to actually search, you will see that these are on sale and they are now only $399. That is a huge drop from the initial price. Aside from its beautiful charcoal coating, it has features that will make you want to buy it. These include the four subdials that are 1/10 second, 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 12-hour features respectively.


Top Rated Dive Watches Under $1,000

If you really want top quality, dependable luxury brands, then the following items depend on what terms to want or accept regardless the heavy price tag. Watches like these are worth investing on depending on the features and the quality of the materials used to make them. These watches come at such a high price that they are even more expensive than plane tickets.


5. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s 241426 Dive Master



People tend to forget that diving is actually an extreme sport. They only imagine diving as a leisure activity where you just swim to see the fish underwater. However, it can be extreme and dangerous when you are going under to the deep depths where only submarines can go to. Swiss watches already have a stellar reputation so rest assured that this Victorinox Swiss army dive watch is the real deal. Some of the features that highlight this product’s authenticity are its ultralight weight of 1.1 pounds, a luminescent display analog, and a water resistance of up to 1650 feet. The indices and markers are luminescent which makes them visible even in dark and murky waters.


Luminox Men’s Dive Chrono Ion Plated SS Watch



This watch is technically over the $1,000 mark but we just love this watch so much we wanted to include it in the review just for the fact it’s that great of a watch. A feature that makes this product stand out is that its band material is ion plated stainless steel. Some of its features include a polished band finish, unidirectional bezel special, sapphire crystal type, and a chronograph movement complication. It is no wonder that this product is considered the best dive watch.


3. Citizen Men’s BN2029-01E Promaster



This masterpiece comes at a hefty price of just under a thousand bucks and for a good reason too. The features that this top quality product includes a case made up of stainless steel, polyurethane band material, Japanese-Quartz movement, and a unidirectional bezel function. It also has a water resistance that can reach up to six-hundred and sixty feet, an impressive depth that any diver would want to experience.


2. Seiko PROSPEX Marine Master Professional SBBN017



As stated in the name of this product, it is a marine master professional watch that is perfect for exploring marine life. One key factor in deciding what to buy is how clear the numbers will be seen underwater. If you can’t read the numbers when you are diving, then what is the point of buying it? One cool feature of this product is that it is powered by quartz movement and has a water resistance of up to three-hundred meters.





A lot of these watches are solely for the purpose of diving. However, this watch in particular has a special feature that one can brag about when bought. It has the function of GSAR or government search and rescue feature that makes this product specifically for the military. It’s a pretty impressive function and it could possibly even be used to save lives.

Now that you have seen some of the top dive watches in the market, you can now decide on which one to choose. Whether you are giving it as a present or as a reward to yourself, the products above are the best of the best. Considering all the factors that you need to think about such as the water resistance, quality and of course price tag, you can decide which products are worth buying and which are not.

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